Dead by Daylight Replica "Trapper Mask"
Evan MacMillan, better known as The Trapper, is one of the three original killers that were released with the game in 2016 and the most recognizable character of the franchise. This high quality replica of the Trapper's mask is the... Shop now
Dead by Daylight Statue "The Wraith" Bonus Edition
The Wraith is one of the three original killers in Dead by Daylight and a quarantee for a mild heart attack. Why, you ask? Well, imagine trying to fix an old generator on a warm summer evening, minding your own business with no terror... Shop now
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Story Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric multiplayer online horror video game in wich four players (survivors) work together to escape the map through an exit gate by powering up five generators. The fifth player controls the killer who hunts the survivors down to sacrifice them to the evil force known as the Entity. Since its release in 2016, Dead by Daylight has continuously upgraded their roster of playable characters and features more than 20 killers and survivors, among them popular franchise killers like Michael Myers, Leatherface and Pinhead. discover all products