Bubble Bobble Gläser Set "Bub and Bob"

Bubble Bobble Gläser Set "Bub and Bob"

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  • Füllmenge: 330ml
  • Material: Glas
  • Hersteller: ItemLab
  • Spülmaschinenfest
Recycled PET / Recyceltes PET

Zum Anstoßen und daraus Trinken! Diese beiden Gläser zeigen die knuffigen Drachenbrüder Bub und Bob aus dem kultigen Arcade-Klassiker Bubble Bobble.

  • 210587
Bubble Bobble revolves around the two dragons Bub and Bob who set out to save their girlfriends from the hands of the evil Bonner. To get them back, the duo has to overcome 100 challenging and increasingly difficult levels full of dangers and fearsome foes which have to be eliminated to advance to the next level. Unlike common dragons, Bub and Bob do not breath fire but bubbles which they use to trap their foes, leaving them incapable of moving. In order to put them out of action, the player then has to burst these bubbles by touching them. The player can also lose one life if touched by a free enemy or their projectiles which can be regained by collecting special items that result in the word EXTEND. Since the developers highly encouraged the fans to play the game in co-op mode, they added a special ending to the game for everyone who defeated the last boss in multiplayer. Entdecke alle Produkte About