The Legend of Zelda Buch "Breath of the Wild -...
Dieses gebundene Buch ist sowohl die perfekte Ergänzung als auch Begleitung für das Link Abenteuer "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". Der Inhalt dieses Buches ist allumfassend: Auf rund 50 Seiten werden Skizzen und offizielle... Jetzt kaufen
The Legend of Zelda Statue "Link"
Oh boy, Breath of the Wild was a blast! It was high time that Link awoke from his 100-year sleep to save Hyrule once again from the nasty Ganon. Jetzt kaufen
The Legend of Zelda Statue "Majora's Mask"...
Majora's Mask picks up where Ocarina of Time left off and revolves around the search for Navi and the acquisition of Majora's Mask before the moon crashes to earth. The cool thing about this statue is that it can also be mounted on the... Jetzt kaufen
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Story The Legend of Zelda is a fantasy action-adventure franchise published by Nintendo and revolves around the young Link who fights the evil Ganon to save not only Princess Zelda but all of Hyrule. Link is known for his pointy elf-like ears, his faithful companion Navi and his iconic Master Sword as well as the Hylian Shield. discover all products