Outriders Coaster Set "Class Icons"

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4-piece ceramic coaster set for the Outriders video game by Square Enix.
The coaster set is made of water-absorbing ceramic that absorbs liquids on the glass, keeping the surface of the coaster and the bottom of the glass dry. The surface of the ceramic coasters is scratch resistant and the bottom has a non-slip, natural cork coating.
Even during a cheerful celebration after a battle is won, the table needs to be protected with stylish coasters.

The outer packaging of the coasters is made of 100% recycled cardboard which is printed with environmentally friendly inks that do not hinder material recycling, allowing for true recycling and reuse of raw materials. The coasters measure 10.3cm in diameter and are printed with one of the four selectable Outriders class icons on an anomaly-like background.

  • 210283
Outriders is an online cooperative role-playing loot shooter which features four different classes, each with unique abilites and playstyles. The story revolves around a team of elite soldiers, called Outriders, tasked with scouting the earth-like planet Enoch and paving the way for a new human colony. Some Outriders have been exposed and wounded by a wild storm called the Anomaly which altered their DNA and gave them supernatural powers. Discover all products About