Godzilla Doormat "Silhouette"

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  • Size: 60cm * 40cm
  • Material: Backside 100% recycled TPA, Upper material 100% PA (Öko-TEX)
  • Manufacturer: ItemLab
  • "I admire all forms of life."

High quality and sustainably produced doormat from the Japanese pop culture classic Godzilla. It shows the Godzilla lettering and a fine silhouette of the gigantic monster. The doormat is made of recycled TPA with a size of 80cm x 50cm and features a velvety surface which safely holds dust and dirt. The back of the doormat is coated with non-slip rubber so that it lies securely on the floor.

  • 210624
Godzilla is not only representative for a whole Japanese genre of films and television, but also the longestrunning film franchise in movie history. The franchise mostly depicts the same-named monster as a radioactive dinosaur attacking Tokyo and other major cities, as well as other known monsters like Mothra, King Ghidorah and Destoroyah.

The first movie, Godzilla, was only released in Japan in 1954 and immediately became an influential classic of the so-called Kaiju genre, which refers to giant monsters attacking cities and battling other monsters. Discover all products About