Hello Neighbor Plush "The Guest" with Sound
Who am I and what are my goals? The officially licensed plush from the video game "Hello Neighbor 2" is like its name, a welcome "guest" in any plush assortment. The outfit of the 28cm tall plush guest is true to the original in every... Shop now
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Story The first version of the Hello Neighbor series was released back in 2015 and enjoyed numerous positive reviews. Expansions, pre-quels and sequels quickly followed. Hello Neighbor is categorized as an indie survival horror stealth game, but it offers its unique horror and fright moments in a very successful cartoon graphic. The player's goal is to uncover the secrets of his mysterious and paranoid neighbor by breaking into his house undetected and solving a series of puzzles. Things get tricky due to the dynamic behavior of the man of the house, who makes breaking in more difficult depending on the player's actions and approach. discover all products