Guild Wars 2 Statue "Aurene Elder Dragon"

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  • Size: 25,4cm * 14,1cm * 21,7cm, 0,4kg
  • Material: non-Phthalate PVC
  • Manufacturer: ItemLab
  • Ingame code included

This highly detailed statue is 100% vacuplated to evoke the spirit and grace of Aurene the Elder Dragon. This piece is removable from the base to allow multiple dynamic display formats and ability to recreate signature scenes from the game.

Aurene and her base are decorated using a very unique formula and process known as Vacuplating. This formula creates the iridescent coloration that aligns so well with how she appears in the game. The decoration happens in a vacuum chamber in which the color formula is vaporized creating a cloud in the chamber that then condenses and bonds to the molded sculptural parts. The result is a very thin layer of iridescent color which beautifully capture the look of Aurene. While this process is more meticulous than painting, it’s worth the investment for a premium-long lasting collectable.

What’s in the Box:

  • An authentic and detailed likeness of Aurene Elder Dragon from Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons
  • Two (2) Pieces
  1. Aurene Elder Dragon Statue
  2. Custom fit base
  • Redemption card for an Aurene Logo Cape in-game digital item

For ages 14+

  • 210165
With the game Guild Wars 2, the developer studio ArenaNet has created a world shaped by magic. In the second part, released in 2012, you explore the varied world of Tyria with your own designed character.
In the MMORPG, based on PVP and PVE, there are no quests in the classic sense. The focus here is much more on your exciting journeys and meeting other characters. A varied gameplay experience is offered by dynamically based events and by tasks that can be solved in different ways.
The game won the title „best MMO“ by TechRadar in 2018. Understandable, with 11 million active players. Discover all products About