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Destiny Fynch Lucent Hive Ghost Statue

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  • Size: approx. 19cm
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Manufacturer: Numskull

A Conscientious Objector that has defected from the Hive, Fynch assists Guardians by showing them the location of a Hive temple in the Throne World.  This exclusive statue stands at an impressive 7.2 inches (18.3cm) tall and is a must-have collector’s item for any Destiny fan!

  • 210811
Destiny 2 is a multiplayer computer game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The game world is embedded in a science fiction scenario. Each player takes on the role of a so-called Keeper, protector of the last remaining safe city on Earth. The guardians use a power known as "light" to defend the city from various alien races. One of these races, called the cabal and led by "Dominus Ghaul", attack the city at the beginning of the game and rob the guardians of their power. The player starts with the journey to regain this power and defeat Ghaul along with his "Red Legion" and recapture the last city. Discover all products About