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Genshin Impact Statue "Keqing"

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  • Size: approx. 32cm
  • Material: PVC
  • Manufacturer: APEX
  • "Reality is the stillness buried deep beneath the illusion."
With this great Keqing Staute now Genshin Impact fans can get a great collectible home. Keqing is shown here in her standard "Piercing Thunderbolt" outfit. With the Lion's Roar sword in her right hand and the dynamic pose, you can guess that she's going for the "Starward Sword" at any moment. They managed to get an impressive detail with this statue and that in a scale of 1:7. This PVC statue is about 32cm tall and comes including base in a window box.
  • 210309
Genshin Impact is a fantasy action role-playing game released worldwide in September 2020. It became a commercial success within a few weeks! No wonder, when the game delivers exactly what millions of players expect from an open world role-playing game with impressive freedom.
In Genshin Impact, you create one of umpteen possible characters and explore a huge fantasy world - all in a very successful anime look.
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