Back to the Future Replica "DeLorean Car Keys"

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  • Size: 33cm * 16cm
  • Comes in a window box
  • Manufacturer: Doctor Collector
  • "Nobody calls me chicken."
This Back to the Future key is an amazing replica. It is perfect for collecting and displaying. Maybe it will also open one or two DeLoreans - but we don't think so. The DeLorean key comes in a window box.
  • 210381
When it comes to the topic of "time travel", three bells ring directly with most people: Terminator, Bill&Ted and Back to the Future. By the way, the latter bell also rings at the word "DeLorean", probably the most elegant way to travel through time. Here's the plot for those who will not soon already have seen Back to the Future before yet: A young Marty McFly accidentally travels into the past in a converted DeLorean and meets there, among other things, his young parents, which has an impact on his actual present and thus endangers his existence. To get "back to the future", Marty goes in search of his scientist friend Dr. Brown, who will convert the DeLorean to a time machine in the future. Discover all products About