Resident Evil Plush "Tyrant"

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This product will be released on 31 May 2024

  • Size: 30 x 20 x 13cm
  • Material: Certified recycled polyester
  • Manufacturer: ItemLab
Recycled PET / Recyceltes PET

Tyrant is one of the most powerful Bio organic Weapons ever created by Umbrella Corporation. Usually capable of jumping several stories high, bursting through concrete or flipping over tanks. Concentrate all his strength and power into a plush collectible and this is what you´ll get: a cuddly cute yet still very angry and deadly looking pal. Based on the original Tyrant designs from the earlier games, we created this 12”tall plush collectible!


This sustainably produced premium plush is made using only the highest quality materials. Precise and robust stitching ensures its longevity. The outer fabric is exceptionally soft and promises an impressive durability due to its strong fibers. A cute and cuddly high end collectible!     


This high quality plush collectible is made from GRS certified recycled polyester. The hangtags are made of FSC-certified recycled paper printed with eco-friendly plant-based inks. All remaining CO₂ emissions generated during production and import are offset by climate projects, making each plush a climate-neutral certified product! With every purchase of our plush collectibles, you support the efforts of plasticbank® to protect our oceans!

  • 210675

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