Tetris Stressballs "Colored Tetriminos"

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This product will be released on 31 May 2024

  • Material: PU Foam
  • Manufacturer: ItemLab
Organic Inks
Recycled Cardboard

Relieve your Stress by squeezing your favorite Tetrimino, or get a full set to stack on your desk! These Stressballs are made from recycled PU foam, with accurate shapes to allow seamless stacking of a full set on your desk.

Z stone: 9 cm * 6 cm * 3 cm
T stone: 9 cm * 6 cm * 3 cm
L stone: 6 cm * 9 cm * 3 cm
Square stone: 6 cm * 6 cm * 3 cm
Long stone: 12 cm * 3 cm


These Tetrimino Stressballs are of highest quality PU foam in order to resist even your greatest stresslevel. Their shapes are particularly accurate to allow seamless stacking of a full set on your desk.

All PU cutting waste and residues generated during production are collected and returned to the production cycle so that actual waste is minimized as far as possible. Display packaging is made from FSC certified recycled Paper, printed with eco-friendly, plant-based inks for easy recycling.

  • 210688
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