Outriders T-Shirt "Symbol"

Outriders T-Shirt "Symbol"

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  • Color: Black
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Manufacturer: ItemLab
  • Classic fit
Organic cotton / Bio-Baumwolle
Global Organic Textile Standard

Sustainable premium t-shirt "Symbol" for the Outriders video game by Square Enix. The t-shirt features the white Outriders emblem on a black background and has been produced with a focus on sustainability, durability and high wearing comfort. The raw material is made of 100% cotton (GOTS certified organic cotton), which requires up to 91% less water in cultivation. For optimal fit, the T-shirt is produced with a side seam (no tubular fabric) and a basis weight of 180 g/m². With a new technology, the water necessary for the screen production can be reused and thus we could reduce the fresh water consumption by up to 75%. The water-based inks significantly reduce the amount of plastic produced during production.


This sustainably produced premium t-shirt made of 100% cotton (100% GOTS certified organic cotton) provides an exceptionally high wearing comfort and promises an impressive durability due to the strong basis weight of 180g/m² of the raw material used. The fine side seam ensures an optimal fit and thus provides a fashionable cut compared to conventionally produced T-shirts. 


Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from India and without the use of chemical substances, this t-shirt meets all the standards for compliance with healthy environmental practices on this planet.
Thanks to a special printing technique, the water used for printing can be reused, reducing the overall consumption of groundwater in the production of the T-shirt by 91%, thus saving valuable resources.

  • 210292S
Outriders is an online cooperative role-playing loot shooter which features four different classes, each with unique abilites and playstyles. The story revolves around a team of elite soldiers, called Outriders, tasked with scouting the earth-like planet Enoch and paving the way for a new human colony. Some Outriders have been exposed and wounded by a wild storm called the Anomaly which altered their DNA and gave them supernatural powers. Discover all products About