Alien Figure "Ripley & Power Loader" Q-Fig
"What you don't have in your head you need in your Power Loader". If you ever wanted to reenact the famous scene from Alien II where Ripley sent the Alien Queen flying - now is your chance! This cute interpretation of the famous... Shop now
Alien Figure "Xenomorph" Q-Fig
What is worse than a bloodthirsty Alien with a mouth full of deadly teeth? Right! A bloodthirsty Alien with two mouths full of deadly teeth! For all those who are too afraid of the real Xenomorph, we now have something special for you.... Shop now
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Story Ridley Scott made Alien (1979) a success and, as director, he laid the foundation for one of the most successful and renowned film series. Alien now consists of a six-part film series and various video and radio play adaptations, as well as crossover films. Fun Fact: Did you know that in almost every Alien movie the number of the alien's fingers changes? Watch it again and pay close attention! discover all products