Gothic Keychain "Sleeper Mask"

Gothic Keychain "Sleeper Mask"

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  • Height: approx. 10cm
  • Material: Recycled metal composed of a zinc alloy.
  • Manufacturer: ItemLab
Recycled metal / Recyceltes Metall

Carry the dark mystique of Gothic with you at all times with our exclusive Sleeper-inspired keychain – the perfect accessory for true fans of the iconic game series. This compact miniature version of the Sleeper antagonist adds a mysterious touch to your keyring.

The intricately designed keychain recalls the dark aesthetic of the Sleeper, the feared antagonist from Gothic. Those familiar with the sinister paths of Myrtana will immediately recognize the symbolism of the Sleeper. A subtle nod to the dark arts lurking in the shadows of the gaming world.

Recycled metal composed of a zinc alloy. The use of recycled metal significantly reduces energy consumption and, most importantly, conserves raw material sources.


  • 210814
The original from 2001 was ahead of its time. With more than 100 hours of gameplay, it was one of the most extensive role-playing games at the time, which was very exciting and fun to play thanks to the lively world, the many interaction possibilities and the large selection of weapons and spells.

With the upcoming Gothic Remake the whole game is being rebuilt from the ground up to bring the Gothic experience into a present day game. Discover all products About