Fall Guys Keychain "Logo To Go"

Item ID: 210790
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  • Color: Black
  • Material: Recycled metal
  • Manufacturer: ItemLab

This durable keychain lets everyone know you hold the keys to victory! Or, y'know, your house or whatever.

  • 210790
Fall Guys is a free, cross-platform, massively multiplayer, party royale game where you and your fellow contestants compete through escalating rounds of absurd obstacle course chaos until one lucky victor remains!

About: You’re invited to dive and dodge your way to victory in the pantheon of clumsy. Rookie or pro? Solo or partied up? Fall Guys delivers ever-evolving, high-concentrated hilarity and fun. The only thing more important than winning is looking as ridiculous as possible while doing it. Grab the silliest costume you can and fall in line—the show's about to start! Discover all products About