Resident Evil Tote Bag "Herbs"

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  • Durable tote bag
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Manufacturer: ItemLab
  • 340g/m²
Organic cotton / Bio-Baumwolle
Recycled PET / Recyceltes PET
Global Organic Textile Standard

Make your purchase an experience that you will never forget, just like the Resident Evil parts. By printing the various concoctions needed to make health items, you will never forget an ingredient. The dimensions of 38cm x 41cm promise a lot of storage space.


 The sturdy tote bag is made of 100% organic cotton, which guarantees durability and comfort. The materials used in production are exceptionally durable and promise impressive longevity.


Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from India and without the use of chemical substances, this bag meets all the standards for compliance with healthy environmental practices on this planet.

  • 210605

If we think about Resident Evil, we think about one of the most iconic Survival Horror Games in the History of Gaming. Since 1996 this Franchise showed us how to be scared through the T-Virus.

We all learned how to survive in a post-apocalyptic Racoon City or an Village somewhere in Europe. Nowadays not only Gamers can be a part of Resident Evil, everyone knows and loves Alice. Discover all products About