Original Stormtrooper Fanny Pack "Outline Pattern"

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  • Color: Grey
  • Material: 100% recycled polyester
  • Manufacturer: ItemLab
  • "These aren’t the droids we’re looking for."
Recycled PET / Recyceltes PET

The fashion conscious Stormtrooper of today doesn't wear his wallet, speederbike keys and thermal detonator on his belt but in this stylish bag.


This sustainably produced premium bag was made from recycled polyester and leaves no detail unattended. The materials used in production are exceptionally durable and promise impressive longevity.


Recycled plastic is made, for example, from beverage bottles or collected ocean plastic. This avoids the need to produce new plastic and reduces pollution of the environment. Compared to producing virgin plastic, this process uses up to 50% less energy and saves up to 70% CO2 emissions.

  • 210531
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