Monster Hunter Statue "Rathalos - Fiery Bundle"

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  • Größe: ca. 93cm * 79cm * 52cm
  • Material: Resin
  • Hersteller: Kinetiquettes
  • "To kill a monster, you need a monster."
Rathalos is one of the most deadliest Wyverns and has been around since the first Monster Hunter game. His poisonous claws, combined with a fiery breath, should be reason enough not to want to mess with him. This beautiful bundle shows not just Rathalos covered in flames and ready to demonstrate his fiery breath but also two expert Hunters crazy enough to challenge him. Always present: The faithful Palico for support in battle.
  • 210127
Monster Hunter is a Japanese media franchise which started with the same named fantasy action role-playing video game series in 2004. In the games, the player takes control of a Monster Hunter who accepts jobs to track down and slay large monsters across the map. The loot from the monsters, as well as items from quest rewards and gathering, can be used to upgrade the equipment or to craft brand new items. Entdecke alle Produkte About