Monster Hunter Figur "Standard Model Plus Vol. 17"

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  • Größe: ca. 10cm - 15cm
  • Material: PVC
  • Hersteller: Capcom
  • "They're everywhere."

Attention, collectors! Here comes the perfect mix of surprise and collecting mania. So if you haven't decided on your favorite monster yet, you can sit back and let us make the decision. The small collectible figures come in a so-called blind box, so its content is unclear until you open it at home. Schrödinger's Monster, so to speak.

  • 210136
Monster Hunter is a Japanese media franchise which started with the same named fantasy action role-playing video game series in 2004. In the games, the player takes control of a Monster Hunter who accepts jobs to track down and slay large monsters across the map. The loot from the monsters, as well as items from quest rewards and gathering, can be used to upgrade the equipment or to craft brand new items. Entdecke alle Produkte About