Halo Figur "Spartan Vale"

Halo Figur "Spartan Vale"

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  • Größe: ca. 4cm
  • Material: Schweres Metall
  • Hersteller: Jada Toys
  • "I need a weapon."

"Kleinvieh sieht auch gut aus." - oder so ähnlich. Beweisen tut es auf jeden Fall diese nur 4cm hohe Halo Figur von "Spartan Vale". Jada Toys hat für die Fertigung schweres Metall verwendet, was diese Halo Figur wesentlich wertiger und stabiler macht, im Gegensatz zu typischen Kunststoff Figuren. Perfekt zum Sammeln, Hinstellen und Zeigen.

  • 210113
Halo is a military science fiction franchise created by Bungie which debuted with the launch of the first Xbox in 2001. Due to its astonishing graphics, smooth gameplay, the ability to pick up and use any weapon and vehicle, the game became a huge success and was even praised as one of the greatest video games ever made. The story revolves around the playable Master Chief who fights against the Covenants to stop the activation of a superweapon. Entdecke alle Produkte About