Disney Statue "Donald Duck's Boat"
The most famous duck in the world sails from Duckburg straight to you. This detailed Donald Duck statue is approx. 15cm tall and comes in a transparent blister box. Jetzt kaufen
Disney Notizbuch "Circle of Life"
Notes, sketches and drawings can now also be kept in this Lion King notebook. This premium notebook comes in a full-page printed slipcase. The A5 pages are printed with the logo. Jetzt kaufen
Aladdin Tasse "Abu"
How about a hot drink in the presence of Aladdin's most faithful companion? This great Aladdin mug has the shape of the monkey Abu and comes in a beautiful packaging. Jetzt kaufen
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Story Disney (more correctly: The Walt Disney Company) was founded by the two brothers Walt and Roy in 1923 and has brought us countless characters just as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bambi, Simba and many more that we all grew up and fell in love with. discover all products